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Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 20:22:15 MST

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> It cheers my heart to hear you thinkin about this stuff. Clever
> people, thinkin about everyday stuff and askin why? Thats what
> what made science what it is today and gave us our present
> technological ramp and will make things more interesting in
> the future as the phase space for creativity expands.

I'm glad you think so. I agree.

I think "popular science"....that written in terms that a non
technically educated person can understand.....and Science Fiction (Hard
SF...not fantasy) are crucial in this regard....

I think television fails miserably...

I eagerly read "Engines of Creation"...and the well as "mambo
chicken" and anything else i could find on MNT....I haven't seen anything
lately....why not?

But anyway...what you were saying about nitro bricks...

Basicly it would work but it would just cost too much?

Wildwood Fl.

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