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>What would you call such viruses? Gnats?
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>Spike writes:
> > OK Ive an idea. Please some of you computer gurus tell me if it
> > is possible. Could one write a virus that sits in an email message
> > that does nothing other than forward a copy of itself to a random
> > person on the receiver's email list? If so, one could write a
>Yes, definitely.
Why not write a virus that extorts digicash directly from the user? Pay me
and I'll go away... With tiny amounts such as .1 digicent, it wouldn't be
profitable for any individual to bother dealing with it, and the money could
be forwarded automatically into any number of possible venues - e.g.,
charitable causes (depending upon one's point of view, of course), such as
the Islamic Jihad, or the Aryan Nations legal defense fund, etc. ;) What
would you call such viruses? Gnats?

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