Re: Present Dangers to Transhumanism

From: KPJ (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 02:04:34 MST

|> Many humans define as Nazi Germany ``right'' on their traditional left-right
|> politicometers. I don't find national socialists very extropic, though.
|The idea of saying a socialist belongs on the right hand end of any
|scale is incomprehensible to me. Shows the sort of newspeak that some
|people will go to to avoid guilt by association.

Well.. Adolf Hitler actually felt that national socialism (maybe more known as
nazism) was "marxism done right", and among his plans for things to do after
he had won the war (WWII) was to "nationalize" all companies, since the State
ownership was the correct procedure. He said these things during his talk with
his closer associates in the Wolfschanze during WWII. The difference between
``socialism'' (as in China, North Korea, SSSR and the other Warsaw pact states)
and ``nazism'' (aka national socialism) are mostly irrelevant, IMO.

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