[GUNS] Re: What are the reasons for killing?

From: Brian D Williams (talon57@well.com)
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 08:31:03 MST

From: Dana Hedberg <dah@signalinteractive.com>

>The reasons behind the second case occurring seem to involve a
>lack of education or incapable mental hardware that can not
>understand the consequences of these actions. These are the cases
>where it seems likely that safety mechanisms should be targeted.
>Education can only go so far within the mind sets of these

Gun Safety, and gun safety education have always been a primary
goal of the NRA, along with personnal responsibility for gun

Gun ownership means that they are safely locked away when you are
not at home or when children are around. Some good friends of
mine's father was a Chicago Firefighter, his motto was that there
was nothing dumber than an unloaded gun, there was a loaded gun
under every bed in the house. When they were teenagers just about
every weekend during the summer their house was crowded with guests
of all kinds. Most people were aware of the situation. Not once
was there an incident of any kind. Why? Because everyone knew you
risked ostracism, plus a personnal asskicking.

>The first case is much harder to deal with. We can separate these
>events into a few, related, but different categories. A]
>Assassination B] Criminal intent (i.e., mugging or robbery) C]
>Killing spree. These are by no means exhaustive, but I believe
>capture the majority of gun deaths/injuries (at least in the US).
>So, now the question becomes what are the person's reasons for
>doing the above acts and how can we work to eliminate or "fix" it
>such that this will not occur?

The anti-gunners have a habit of being disingenuous if not outright
dishonest. They clearly play "the ends justify the means". A
perfect example is the fact that they have always lumped suicides
in as gun related crimes to inflate the numbers.


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