Re: Luddites are everywhere!

From: John Clark (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 22:25:28 MST

 Zero Powers <> Wrote:

> I am glad to see this point of view being aired, if for no other reason than
> that it will spur further debate.

That's the last thing on Earth I'd like to see. Great national debates are seldom
resolved and if they are the winner is never the possessor of the most logical
argument, the winner is the one with the best hairdo.

> Kurzweil seems to give us a 50% chance of avoiding our own extinction.

Yes, and I think he's rather optimistic.

> Personally, I don't like those odds. Heads you get immortality and
> unlimited wealth. Tails you get global sterilization.

I love those odds, it sure beats the hell out of a 100% chance of oblivion.
Nature is not your friend, she's trying to kill you, and she will too unless things
become pretty damn unnatural.

      John K Clark

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