RE: NEWS: Germany Sees Biotech Field With New Eyes

From: Frank Prengel (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 13:54:39 MST

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> From: Vita-More, Natasha
> "Germany Sees Biotech Field With New Eyes"
> Science: A convergence of events frees
> researchers and creates an exciting
> new industry devoted to medical advances. By
> Carol J. Williams, LA Times
> Staff Writer, 3/14/00
> MARTINSRIED, Germany--When noted

Thank you, Natasha, for posting this article which cheered
me up a little and gives me new hope for Good Ol'Germany (so
perhaps I won't have to leave, after all, as 'gene did? :)
Maybe I should forward this to our Bundeskanzler and his
red-green gov't who still think biotech is pure evil
capitalism and immoral because tampering with genes is
against "human dignity" and "nature". (They recently decided
to gradually switch off the nuclear plants - for pure
ideological reasons. Let's hope they won't make the same
mistake when it comes to other key technologies - but, hey,
there'll be elections in 2002, and people are already sick
of paying "eco taxes" and other green nonsense...)


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