META: Gun talk

Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 12:22:33 MST

Unfortunately, as the closest thing to a list moderator this anarchic
community has, I do not have the luxury of killfiling anybody -- and I feel
an obligation to at least skim every post. Imagine my annoyance in a busy
week when I see another unproductive outbreak of discussion of guns that
admittedly does appear to contain some calm and rational discourse, but also
contains WAY too many posts that amount to little more than rude, hyperbolic

PLEASE exercise some discretion and sense. PLEASE use a topic header that
identifies your post as a "gun debate" post and PLEASE work to minimize the
volume of your posts. Finally, just because someone on the other side of an
issue from you acts like a jackass and uses the childish rhetoric of
name-calling, don't think it does your own position any credit to fall to the
same level.

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