Re: Present Dangers to Transhumanism

From: KPJ (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 07:55:07 MST

It appears as if <> on Sat, 28 Aug 1999 wrote:

|The proper terms for the 'right' and 'left' in transhumanist thought are
|'extropic' and 'borganist', respectively...
|Mike Lorrey

Many humans define as Nazi Germany ``right'' on their traditional left-right
politicometers. I don't find national socialists very extropic, though.

I postulate that transhumanism will obsolete the traditional left-right scale,
anyway. The Libertarian Party <URL:> of the U.S.A. has on
their web site a pointer to a quiz <URL:>,
which IMO better describes the spectrum of political philosophy.

The quiz IMO equally well describes `borganist' and `extropic'.

And as the honourable members may well remember, a discussion, on what the
`correct' dimensions of transhumanist political philosophy might be, ensued..

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