Re: Sticks and Stones and Bullets, Oh, My!

From: Anton Sherwood (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 00:25:25 MST

Look, Joe, I know you mean well, but can you show us ONE example of a
place where gun control did any lasting good? ONE place where the crime
rate declined AFTER gun control, and remained low?

Can you show us any reason not to assume that a law designed ostensibly
to disarm "criminal types" (I'll bet you can tell them at a glance,
can't you?) won't be used later to disarm people who criticize the
ruling party?

(In Germany, gun control was introduced to prevent street battles
between Communists and Nazis. Fat lot of good it did. But the Nazis
later found the registration lists convenient.)

Finally, can you tell us the definition of "fascist"?

Anton Sherwood  *\\*  *\\*

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