Re: alt dns Re: Good Offenses [was Re: deciding which fork in the road to take...]

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 20:44:20 MST

Brian Atkins wrote:
> Yeah that is pure BS, the only shortages in domain names are those being
> caused by their non-allowance of arbitrary new TLDs. ICANN sucks! What
> would be interesting is if you had some alt registries, and the linux
> people put it into their default distros so that all their users started
> using the alt registries, would that eventually cause the other OS vendors
> such as M$ to include support for the registries in their products? I
> am really surprised no one in linux-land has come up with the idea for
> "open source" registries not sanctioned by ICANN.

Good idea. How do we set up a registry?

here are some marketable tld's to set up:

   (as in badd.est, bigg.est, etc....) course you'd piss of the EST
.ist/.ism (for all those political philosophies)
.1st (first)

I've got my own web server I'm getting a DSL hookup for in a few weeks.
If someone can do the registry server app, I'll load it. We want to set
it up so that a person registering pays once for lifetime ownership,
though what do we want for a squatting policy?

I'm personally opposed to squatters who just grab sites, however I'm
also opposed to treating domain names as trade marks, because the names
are real estate addresses, not businesses (just as theoretically, I have
a right to have an address on Microsoft Way in Redmond if there is any
land available adjacent to it). How many businesses use 'Wall Street' in
their names and are located on or near Wall Street? Do they get to force
the city to change its street name?

Another means of continuing income is to create an auction site for
domain names on the registry.

Mike Lorrey

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