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>> What does it take for a person of scottish descent who is a US citizen
>> to immigrate to scotland? Of course, we Lorrey's were on the side of
>> Bonnie Prince Charlie at Culloden (Clan Gordon), so we might be viewed
>> as troublemakers...;)
>It depends.
>If your parents were British citizens I believe you've got a legal claim
>on UK citizenship. Otherwise, you're a foreign immigrant, and since
>1970 successive governments have tightened up on immigration into the UK
>to the point where it's probably fair to say that's it's harder to get
>into the UK than the USA -- unless you're an EU resident. So the
>easy option is probably to locate a friendly and easy-to-cope-with EU
>government, get residence on their soil, then move. Ireland, maybe?
>- -- Charlie

Actually Ireland's pretty hard to get into unless you're married to an
Irish citizen. My wife has to wait 3 years since the date of our marraige
before she can apply for citizenship, but if she is successful she could
live anywhere in the EU(One of the benefits of EU citizenship:) I even had
to provide a statement to the Dept. of Immigration stating I'd support
her!(before we were married) I've heard Irish citizenship called "The
Rolls Royce of citizenships". Then again, if you know one of the many bent
Irish politicians....:)

As to being of Scottish descent, you'd have to be of very recent descent I
would think ie. Scottish parent(s).



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