Re: alt dns Re: Good Offenses [was Re: deciding which fork in the road to take...]

From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 17:49:46 MST

In the past M$ has copied all of the features of other products such
as Netscape. Makes sense to me that they might feel like "embracing
and extending" this "feature" too. I mean they gotta stay on top of

As for why would anyone use it, what if the domains were free or next
to free? I think there is enough hatred out in Linux-land of the
Network Solutions/ICANN monopoly that you could easily get a movement
started for this. Maybe I should send these emails to RMS or someone
and see if they latch onto it :-)

Anton Sherwood wrote:
> Brian Atkins wrote:
> > ... ICANN sucks! What would be interesting is if you had some alt
> > registries, and the linux people put it into their default distros
> > so that all their users started using the alt registries, would that
> > eventually cause the other OS vendors such as M$ to include support
> > for the registries in their products? I am really surprised no one
> > in linux-land has come up with the idea for "open source" registries
> > not sanctioned by ICANN.
> Define "using the alt registries". Sure I suppose it would be easy to
> get a large number of Linucians (not all of them) to *recognize*
> domain.tux. But who'd want such a domain unless they're publishing only
> material of interest to penguins? And what is MS's customers'
> motivation to demand access to such material?
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