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> linked from Slashdot, this article quoting Bill Joy from SUN:

>From the article:

"In a 24-page article in the Wired magazine that will appear on the Web
Tuesday, Joy says he finds himself essentially agreeing, to his horror, with
a core argument of the Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski--that advanced
technology poses a threat to the human species. "I have always believed that
making software more reliable, given its many uses, will make the world a
safer and better place," Joy wrote in the article, which he worked on for six
months. "If I were to come to believe the opposite, then I would be morally
obligated to stop this work. I can now imagine that such a day may come."

Joy enjoys a level-headed reputation in the industry. "Nobody is more
phlegmatic than Bill," said Stewart Brand, an Internet pioneer.

"He is the adult in the room.""

Aw, shucks . . . just when we were startin' to have fun, the adults have to
come in and mess everything up!

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