Re: near anything boxes allowed to br in the hands of the public?

Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 10:32:28 MST

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> With the trend being to reduce "collateral damage" in military operations
> and to adopt sub-lethal weapons in police operations (because of a growing
> sensitivity on the part of an informed public?), couldn't the end result be
> the development of something with the equivalent effect of H.G.Wells' gas
> peace in his film Things to Come? The mode of delivery pictured there would
> be impractical, but what about a subsubmunition resembling a swarm of gnats
> (with boring capabilities) delivering a sleeping gas by injection? To be
> followed by swift occupation and disarmament of the 'bad guys'. That's
> crude, but you get the idea.

Obviously, I believe this is one underlying, genuine motivation (along with
profit and sheer geeky pursuit of cool tech) behind the development of these
kinds of weapon systems. Of course, super-smart weapons will also have the
potential to serve as weapons of mass destruction, once self-replication
arrives on the scene. Only time and a continuing effort for civil society to
control the military will tell which way they are used.

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