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From: Octavio Rojas Diaz (
Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 17:13:08 MST

> For those who care, take Eliezer's experiences with school
> (including the "falling out" at the same age due to what I
> tend to refer to as "motivational problems"), remove any
> mention of books*, and you've got my early years.

> * I lived in information poverty - no books at home, no
> books at school...

> BM

This is very interesting, because I believe I'm detecting a trend
here, after visiting Eliezer's singularity web pages and reading them,
I found some very interesting revelations, but most importantly, that
a lot of those concepts and ideas, were already present in my meme
generator (AKA brain)

And now after reading Eliezer's personal information page, I've
noticed that, his life has a lot of resemblance with mine, specially
the I can't do it part.

This makes me hypothesize that there are certain persons with very
special wetware configurations, very different from the other members
of our species. But contrary to what Eliezer wrote in his algernon's
law essay, I think that it is possible to have more than one mental
configuration, to realize very specialized tasks. And not only that, I
also think that instead of resorting to neurosurgery to get the
desired neuromods, we'll resort to, very specialized neurochemicals,
or mature nanotech, to program our brains to achieve the results we

Why do I believe this? Because, I've been able to switch my
personality and capabilities depending on what I want, experimenting
with cognitive techniques and neurochemicals (both legal and ilegal)
and I discovered, that with careful manipulation, I was able to
overcome the I can't do it mental barrier that held me trapped for
several years, (since I was 16 to the present day to be specific)

Also I would like to add, that reading the previous messages, where
some people wondered if we, the members of the list were completely
different to most of the normal people. Led me to the conclusion that
maybe our wetware is really different to most of the world's
population, specially the way we perceive and integrate thoughts, with
it's obvious inherent advantages and disadvantages, that's why a lot
of it's members share common interests or similar episodes during
their life.

So I would like to ask to the members of this list, if somebody has
ever been able to switch or at least control to certain degree, their
personality, or abilities, using any possible method, Eliezer mentions
his tricks, I've done it using some "tricks" too and with the ability
of modern and ancient psychoactive chemicals.

Any comments?

PS I was thinking in making this a personal e-mail to Eliezer after
reading his page, but noticing that some people in this list has had
similar experiences, I thought it would be very useful to receive some

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