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From: Terry Donaghe (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 22:11:33 MST

My wife and I and couple of our friends signed up for
paypal recently. We've found it to be pretty cool and
fun because we all own Palm Vx's and Paypal has an app
you can download to your Palm. This app allows you to
"beam" money to your friends and associates. When we
go out to eat, one of us pays the bill and the others
simply beam the payer what they owe. It sounds
horribly geeky, and it is! But it's fun.

My wife is always bitching because there aren't any
businesses (real world anyway) which allow you to pay
with you Paypal via Palm. Wouldn't it be nice to just
walk up to a IR terminal and click a couple buttons on
your Palm, aim and pay for your merchandise? Once
everyone carries similar handhelds (palm held?), I'm
sure we'll see something like that.

Anyway, paypal is painless and lots of fun when ya
wanna get your Geek On.

Terry Donaghe:

HUMANITY FIRST! We are capable of creating a technological/biological/neurological utopia in the next century. We already have the capability of destroying all life. What does it say of us as a species if we don't choose the former?
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