Re: The lowest form of human life

Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 18:21:13 MST

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 What's really sad is that the vast mass of people in the West just let these
 people decide how the future is going to be shaped.
 They just don't care, or worse, they agree with these bioethicists. >>

I think it is actually the reverse.

Most people still believe that death is neither negotiable nor reversible,
and many find it distasteful to live longer, knowin gonly ageing and pain.
They imagine long life as creaking knees, deterirating health, and prolonged

Since it only recently is qulity lpngevity and a cure for death "up for
discussion" in any rational circle, and people have for CENTURIES sought
comfort in finding justification and "need" for it, both religious and
evolutionary -- probably to soften the pain of it's inevitability, how can we
expect a sudden mass change of heart?

Unlike John Clark, I find this understandable. Yes, of course undesirable. I
see no need to call these people 'scum', just cowardly, insecure and short

I assert that these so called "experts", whose funding depends on presenting
a case that will sell, mimic the public hue and cry, following the money, not
the facts...

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