Re: dreams of a better world

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 22:00:05 MST

> > Awww hell Anders! Now Ill hafta be embarrassed by not only all
> > the stupid things I did and said, but all those I managed to *not* do?
> >
> Robert J. Bradbury wrote:
> Probably. Fortunately, the rest of us will get to watch, so you
> can have some consolation that at least someone will get a chuckle
> out of it.

Oh. Well, ok then. I dont care if people laugh with me or at me,
so long as they laugh. {8-]

> Huh. I'm lost in the French accented Caltalk here. What the blazes is
> "bichon frize"?

Dont know if I spelt it right. Bichon is a yappy little poodle-like
beast, quite irritating to those of us who prefer big dogs, yet still
nondeserving of being hurled into freeway traffic. A 40k reward
was quickly raised for info leading to the arrest, reminding the
world that in this advanced country of ours, one can sooner
get away with cruelty to humans than to our pets.

> > ...collect every stupid thing that person ever posted, by searching
> > thru achives, etc. Does this change the way we post? spike
> I wonder if in ten years I'll consider being an Extropian a similar
> phase in my development?

Lets hope we all do. Let us ever search for something still more
noble than our present best efforts at truth and enlightenment. spike

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