Re: dreams of a better world

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 19:54:19 MST

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> Exactly. Although the problem with the Omega illumination is that it
> covers not just what you really did, but also all possible variations
> (it is cheaper and possibly only possible to simulate many worlds
> rather than one).

Awww hell Anders! Now Ill hafta be embarrassed by not only all
the stupid things I did and said, but all those I managed to *not*
do as well?

Heres one for you privacy watchers. Last week here in Taxifornia
a guy got into a fit of road rage, pulled over another driver who had
clipped his bumper. She rolled down the window, he reached in,
grabbed her bichon frize and threw it onto the freeway, with predictable
results. Then the lothesome bastard drove off. The reason I bring
this up is that he is about to get caught, and heres how: they knew
he had a Ford explorer and Virginia plates. Today the news says
Virginia emailed DMV photos of the owners of every Virginia-licensed
black explorer! Is this not an unprecedented thing?

Nextly, transparent world fans and info nudists: I can easily imagine,
in my own natural lifetime, being able to sit down at a computer, type
in any name and have some future version of the web go out and
collect every stupid thing that person ever posted, ever, by searching
thru achives, etc. Does this change the way we post? spike

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