JOBS: Tokyo ISP, Oracle dev/dba

From: Russell Whitaker (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 23:53:21 MST

Hi friends and extropians who are not yet friends...

I'm looking for a couple of senior Oracle people to come
work on my team at our offices in Tokyo's Shibuya district:

1.) one senior Oracle developer, strong C/Java programmer with a good
grasp of system issues (not "exposure" to Oracle), and
2.) one strong Oracle8 dba, proficiency in unix sysadmin desirable

This is perm, not contract. You need Japanese proficiency. Life
will be hard without it. This is a Japanese company, not an
American company with primarily expat staff.

However, you needn't be expert at the time of interview: just
prove to me you can handle everyday conversation and reading/writing,
and if you're otherwise a fit for the job, we'll pay for further
language training.

Other requirements:
- a sense of adventure
- a sense of humor
- a desire to change the world

See this week's Business Week (6 March 2000), cover story
"Japan's Net Builders". We're one of the four major infrastructure
companies listed on page 21, market cap US$ 7.7 billion
(JASDAQ code 9449).

Email me if you're interested, and I'll send more details.

Ad astra,

Russell Whitaker                interQ, Inc. - System Division
Development Team Leader         Tokyo, Japan  

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