Re: English Schminglish

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 22:34:19 MST

Don Klemencic wrote:

> Does anyone remember the prefixs for plo 21, plo 24, mi 21 and mi 24? Two
> begin with 'y' and two begin with 'z' and one of them is called "yocto". I
> could never get them to stick in my memory.

                                     Y (yotta) 1.0E+24
                                     Z (zetta) 1.0E+21
                                        E (exa) 1.0E+18
                                        P (peta) 1.0E+15
                                        T (tera) 1.0E+12
                                        G (giga) 1.0E+09
                                        M (mega) 1.0E+06
                                        k (kilo) 1.0E+03
                                        h (hecto) 1.0E+02
                                        da (deka) 1.0E+01
                                        d (deci) 1.0E-01
                                        c (centi) 1.0E-02
                                        m (milli) 1.0E-03
                                         (micro) 1.0E-06
                                        n (nano) 1.0E-09
                                        p (pico) 1.0E-12
                                        f (femto) 1.0E-15
                                        a (atto) 1.0E-18
                                        z (zepto) 1.0E-21
                                        y (yocto) 1.0E-24
                                        s (spiko) 1.0E-google

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