Re: God's indifference to suffering?

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Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 22:05:45 MST

>From: Damien Broderick <>
>At 04:31 PM 7/03/00 PST, John Grigg wrote:
> >"Given the total indifference to human suffering displayed by the
> >`playing God' involves twiddling one's thumbs while millions die in
> >agony from horrible diseases. All this `putting an end to human
> >suffering'is surely the work of the devil."
> >(end)
> >Mormons believe that a big part of the test in this life is the simple
> >horrendous fact that life is so unfair. It is what we each make of what
> >have and whether we get bitter toward God or have faith and do our best
> >improve our lot and that of others around us, that is the big challenge.
> >Religious belief has motivated many people through history to reach out
> >try to help others, sometimes dedicating whole lives to this, even though
> >meant poverty and a shortened life. Could this be God's way of reaching
> >to help ease the suffering?
>Hey, you're absolutely right! So, next time I get the urge to `play God',
>here's my plan:
>I'm going to kidnap some small children and hide them in a cellar they
>can't escape from. They'll never see me, but they'll be able to shout to
>each other through small holes. Then I'll randomly torment and amuse them,
>making sure they can hear each others' screams. After a few years, I'll let
>them out, and they can come and play in my garden where I'll make it all up
>to them. Assuming any of them are still sane.

It's not nice to fool with Father nature!


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