RE: dreams of a better world

From: Jeff Allbright (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 21:22:06 MST

Spike -

As long as the light illuminates *everything* then there's nothing to fear.
The representation is the reality and it's neither good nor bad. It's those
damn searchlights that make me uncomfortable.

- Jeff

Spike wrote:

Jeff, does not Tippler's Omega Point create a brilliant light that
illuminates everything everyone ever did? Do we not all squirm just
a little? Suddenly Im glad I was born a nerd... {8^D spike

Jeff Allbright wrote:

> Arthur C. Clarke's new book, _The Light of Other Days_, treats the same
> issue of a transparent society and then raises it to a higher level with a
> technological development that allows the public to view anyplace at
> anytime, thus making people accountable now for actions they thought they
> had successfully covered up in the past. A new morality takes over the
> (mostly).

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