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Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 22:19:02 MST wrote:
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> > What
> > would drop insurance rates would be giving up our individual cars in favor
> > of
> > more mass transit.
> Never! I want to go WHERE i want to go WHEN i want to go, with WHOM i want
> to go.
> I don't want to go thru all the insane hassel of mass transit. I had to take
> buses in Dallas in the late 60's for a while....shortly thereafter I bought a
> bicycle and pedaled an average of 40 miles a day rather than endure "mass
> transit".
> After that I made sure I NEVER was bereft of an auto (or at least a
> motorcycle).
> Mass transit pfttttttttttttttt!
> EvMick
> Kingdom City Mo.

Try reading my post again. I was not talking about your traditonal mass transit.
There is the very thing in development. An INDIVIDUAL vehicle comes to you, then
utilizes the benefits of group caravan travel, then breaks away and takes you
WHERE you wanted to go, WHEN you wanted to go there, with WHOM you wanted go go,
and with no mass transit hassles you fear. The upside is you don't have own or
maintain the vehicle. I see nothing stopping it from taking you to even remote
places. Let's think outside the box here. Besides, this is only one of many
possible future transportation methods. It even leaves open the possibility for
you rugged individualists to still own your own vehicles. It's not even my idea,
just one I'm aware of.


"Quod de futuris non est determinata omnino veritas"
			    NOSTRADAMUS 15TH Century

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