those marvelous extropians with their flying machines(moller skycars!)...

From: john grigg (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 16:15:14 MST

James Swayze wrote:
Perhaps call to order driverless vehicles that come to your door step,
travel a ways and join up with a mass of others going the same direction,
then branch off to your destination where other passengers take that same
vehicle to yet another destination.

Considering how Americans love to control(drive) their own vehicles, this
may be a very hard thing to get them to do!! lol In areas like L.A. where
gridlock is bad I could see the public in frustration possibly going for it.
  The moller skycar would take control from the passenger and this could be
a "roadblock" to the public eagerly accepting it.

James, the scenario you gave of skycars crashing into people on the ground
is frightening and yet each year in the U.S. about fifty-thousand people die
in car accidents! And a large percentage involving the abuse of drugs and
alcohol. I see skycars being safer then that! Especially with automatic
controls guided by gps.

I have a friend here in Anchorage who is a pilot of many years experience
and he also has serious reservations about the moller skycar similar to your
own. He basically thought they were cool looking deathtraps! lol

Certainly, there would have to be serious changes in the nature of air
traffic and it's monitoring to make things safe. It may be a number of
decades till we see skycars constantly zooming overhead.

I have read that Dr. Moller is going to do serious flight trials this year.
I look forward to hearing how they go. When Nasa, the military and the FBI,
etc, start using moller skycars I will know that it is just a matter of time
till the public gets them.

Like with cryonics, despite any bad news I am an optimist and want to try
the technology out when it is the right time for me and the kinks have been
worked out. And just think, with our skycars it won't be such a big deal
going to an extro! As long as you're an American citizen, of course(yes,
Charlie Stross! lol).

best regards,

John Grigg
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