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From: Zero Powers (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 11:26:04 MST

>I'm afraid I can't completely share your optimism, at least initially. Many
>things on the Extropian agenda could potentially come under legal purview.
>Christian groups have been shown to be highly effective lobbyists, and have
>not been hesitant to block the approval of medical innovations which
>challenged "traditional values." Good examples of this would be RU486, late
>term abortions, and assisted suicide. And the problems won't be just with
>evangelists. The bozos that were sounding the alarms about the UPC code
>(and remember Ronald Wilson Reagan = 666?) weren't the same heavy hitters
>(e.g. bishops and leaders of major denominations) that would get into the
>fray when you start talking about totally redefining basic terms such as
>"life" or "intelligence" and even assigning god-like attributes to
>machines. Various legitimate ethical questions will undoubtedly be
>approached from biblical perspectives, as absurd as such a juxtaposition
>may seem, which could well have at least a da!
>mpening effect. Like it or not, the religious types are very effective
>organizers, and can do much to influence our freedoms. I think we'd better
>get really used to hearing the accusation "playing God."
>Pat Inniss

I don't necessarily disagree with you, but (notwithstanding the fact that
the political power of the Christian right is already coming into question),
the Christian power brokers get their power from the loyalty and support of
Joe and Jane True-believer. Christians may differ from nontheists in some
relatively few practical ways, but one thing *everyone* is in favor of is
abundant wealth and health. Once those of us who embrace way-out-tech start
reaping benefits like ubiquitous wealth and vigourous living well past our
100 year mark, I don't think it will be long before Joe and Jane
True-believer start to seriously question the wisdom of their fundamentalist
neo-Luddite leaders.

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