Nick Bostrom's TV stint.

From: Rob Harris (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 10:48:01 MST

>Congratulations to Nick Bostrom for appearing on the BBC's _Heart of the
>Matter_! Sean Kenney posted on the Tranhumanist list how he watched the
>program and was very impressed. He said Nick presented himself very well
>and was the youngest looking one there! lol

Yeah. I saw that. I usually don't watch the show (it's usually a forum for
idiots to rant a load of self-indulgent shite), but I noticed a caption
containing "transhumanism" while channel hopping and had a look. To those
that missed it, you should have heard the poetic arse that was shoved into
the ears of the transhumanist guy (Nick?), and the look of perplexion on his
face when presented with the task of answering to objections to life
elongation based on some of the worst drivel I've ever heard ! He came out
OK though. Well done Nick! I'd have lost my rag !


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