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Subject: Re: Emotions and neural events [Was: Re: fools]
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> Robert Owen wrote,
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> >Not only is there no need to explain mind, there isn't the slightest
> >possibility of explaining mind. Tell us what you see when you see
> >yourself seeing. Taste you tongue, and smell your nose, and tell
> >us about your experience.
> Well, Max is teaching the class, so I thought he should say why we need an
> explanation. After reading Dennett's _Consciousness Explained_ (which doesn't
> explain consciousness), it occurs to me that it's not an explanation the
> inquiring mind desires so much as an analogy or metaphor which would allow
> building a working model or artificial mind. It's rather like aeronautical
> engineers not caring how birds fly, because what we really want is to fly
> ourselves. So, we want to explain mind so that we can build one, and so we can
> extend and expand our own, and so we can transcend mind, and so we can play
> chess with an artificial one, and so on.
I think that the extropian motivation is their assumption that they
cannot upload what they don't understand.
> --J. R.

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