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From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Mar 05 2000 - 22:37:47 MST

Doug Jones wrote:

> As for specific strength, it's more sensible to quote it in unreduced
> units- pressure per density is the "significance" of the unit, while v^2
> is accurate but obfuscatory.

OK either way. A meter^2 per second^2 is exactly the same as a
pascal per kg per meter cubed, or if you prefer a pascal meter cubed per kg.
But as with excess escape energy per kg, we would have smaller exponents
with the kinds of materials we care about if we expressed them as
km^2/sec^2, or perhaps Megapascal meter^3 per kg. Or kPa-m^3/gram,
whichever you prefer. Doug, I knew you'd come thru on this, you
never let us down when it comes to rockets. Why dont you come up
here and work for LMSC?

> > * strengths: theres a world with 9 letters and only 1 vowel.
> ISTR that that word is the record for an overworked vowel in English.

I just noticed it when I wrote that post. A man cant think of *anything
new* anymore it seems. Too bad, I was going to patent the word
"strengths", so that anyone who used it would hafta pay me for the
privilege! bwaahahahahahaaaa...

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