Re: CR pill?

From: Brian Manning Delaney (in Florida) (
Date: Sun Mar 05 2000 - 21:34:37 MST

Spike Jones wrote:
> Brian Manning Delaney (in Florida) wrote:

>> And if you can afford it, exotic tests
>> of cross-linking are available.

> Whats that? Have you a URL?

Not off-hand (must remember to download my bookmarks when on the road!). But
most of the big anti-aging groups (A4M, for one) make these tests available
(normally only as part of a ~1000+ dollar package of tests...) -- cross-linking
of various important biological molecules would be the most important, and
expensive, tests.

But, exotic tests or not, the main useful thing is having a non-CR twin. (Though
they start eyeing you for body parts as the years go by. Same way I eye my
clone, actually. Poetic justice I suppose.)

Seriously: comparison with peers is probably useful.

>> The monkey CR studies should help on
>> this score very soon (within a few years,
>> if not months).

> Cool! I should be around in another few
> months to years.

Let's hope so!

> What part of Florida? spike

Near West Palm Beach. Various family health crises brought me here last week,
which, fortunately, all turned out perfectly well (though my niece -- oops;
"niece to be" [1] -- may have to be removed from my sister with a knife). So now
I've got another two weeks before my ticket says I have to go back, and a
healthy family, so I'm soaking up the glorious weather, sipping Tahitian noni,
and working under the palms. Life is good.

[1] though when you see those ultrasounds, and, more importantly, see your
sister seeing those ultrasounds.... Final answer: "niece" (said

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