Re: please help FreeNet by becoming a node

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 09:32:19 MST

> > (People please don't try to put
> > it on /., because it's recently already made memepool despite being
> > early beta. Please please don't try to rush things at this stage).
> ??
> Amplification requested. Why aren't they seeking publicity? How do you
> know they aren't seeking publicity?

We'll have no trouble getting publicity when we need it (which will be
soon), but we're just now past the proof-of-concept stage and into the
iron-out-the-protocol stage, and so the code is in an unstable state.
If we got lots of publicity today, we'd just have lots of semi-clued
volunteers asking why the code doesn't quite compile on their VM, why my
node won't talk to this older node, blah blah. After we stabilize the
code a bit more, publish the final protocol, and release, then we'll
want lots of volunteers to set up nodes to test a large-scale network.
My guess is that will be in a week or two.

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