thorns of the flesh (brain).....

From: john grigg (
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 15:08:51 MST

Damien wrote:
I liked the rhythms and sounds and compressed density of some verse).
`Images' -- like,like, um, like... *pictures*, you mean? Those words about
rain and roses and swaying daffies and running lions and gold light glinting
from the blade *make pictures in your head*??? Holy shit, I want my money
back! Damien the deprived

If I really get into a novel I can envision things so well sometimes I feel
like I am seeing a film in my mind. But this level of imagination is not
always consistant with me. I wish I could connect to a vcr and record the
images and sounds! Perhaps one day this will be a valued talent when such a
machine exists.

I feel for you having a problem with envisioning a scene that you are
writing about in a work if fiction. That must be terribly hard. I will
have to read some of your work to see how you have fared.

I loved your comment about wanting your money back! lol Meatloaf(an
american rock singer not a disliked main course for dinner) has a great song
called, "Life is a lemon and I want my money back!" Try to find it on MP3
if you can.

My brain and body has enough limitations that if I could I would probably
sue Heavenly Father or Gaia if it were possible. Maybe that is why divinity
keeps a low profile!! lol

Damien wrote:
I guess you could call it occasional spontaneous eideticism... *sighs* wish
I had it all the time.

I have the same thing happen to me. Conversations or events that held no
strong emotional or functional reason to be remembered and yet I do. I hope
I don't come out of cryosuspension to only remember such things!

I guess that if there were something to this quantum evolutionary theory we
would not be so challenged! lol I do look forward to being upgraded in the
future so I can have a unimpeded mind and body which I surely don't have
now. Having no sense of direction or one that lies to me is so tiring. My
memory and ability to learn is like sculpting by hand with not fresh clay
but the stuff left out for a couple of days. And to think engineers run in
the family!

best regards,

John the extremely deprived
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