Re: mccain vs religious right

Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 13:18:06 MST

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<< I'm not sure who's worse: Christian
>fundies or Enviro-fundies.

That's easy!


Our environment actually exists, and it really is precariously balanced. So
caring about it is highly rational even if the means may not always be.
One can see the earth, touch it, prove it's existence. You can even find the
evidence of our species making some dent in it's eco-sytem. Their fears,
though sometimes blown out of proportion for maximum emotional impact, are
reality based.

I agree with Zero:
If you show a reality based cure for polution, you'd have a rational audience
there, even if our preservation o fthe planet's eco-sytem was gotten through
hi-tech and not lo-tech means.

: )
The Christian on the other hand... only cares to preserve the meme of God's
"mysterious ways", in other words, non-interference by man. They fear being
caused to question their ideas, and would easily discount even the most
logical argument for technology, if it threatened the meme itself.

It's inherantly anti-reality and therefore much more difficult to combat.

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