Re: Barges for autonomous living

From: Emlyn (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 22:42:35 MST

D. den Otter wrote:
> "Floating Hostel" Moor it in some shallow spot in
> international waters and you have an instant autonomous
> city (ok, town).

Don't float those things north of Oz; those precious, government free
international waters are full of pirates. That's the torture & kill everyone
aboard and take all the stuff kind, not the more harmless peg leg & parrot

But then I forget that a lot of you guys are relatively heavily armed.

There's some kind of endpoint to this libertarian extremism, where
international waters hold exactly as many libertarians as can be squeezed
in, without any one seeing the others (others are always over the horizon).
Each person sits on his/her personal barge, fully armed with all many of
ballistic weapons. Scanner (radar?) continually scan 360 degrees, and launch
missiles, etc at anything that moves. Sounds like a really bad movie.

(hmm, I'm forgetting over-the-horizon targetting. Disregarding pre-emptive
liberty could be fatal.)

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