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Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 19:27:29 MST

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> [snip] Re: Lifespan projections...

> Obviously there has been considerable variation in the longevity rate
> figure from year to year and from decade to decade. The trend has not
> been very stable. Generally we have been in the .1 to .3 range for the
> last several decades. At this point it looks to me like we would need
> a major new breakthrough to start this figure heading up towards 1.0.

Some of the variation caused by murder & accident rate changes.
I think the '70's and '80's were fairly violent (young, impulsive
baby boomer's perhaps???).

The key breakthroughs we need are:
 - reduce cancer mortality
    (looks like we get that with angiogenesis inhibitors)
 - general replacement organs (next 10 years or so)
 - drugs to inhibit brain damage during strokes/heart attacks
 - reversing protein glycosylation damage (drugs undergoing tests now)
 - a good understanding of all growth factors (5-10 years)
 - understanding the molecular biology of aging (5-15 years)
 - understanding the causes for and developing cures for genetic diseases
    (10-20 years)
 - Safer cars, guns & other hazards (ongoing).
 - Nanomedicine (20-30 years)
 - Weather control (???)


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