spike gets life extension in his life....

From: Spike Jones (spike66@ibm.net)
Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 17:28:29 MST

EvMick@aol.com wrote:

> I've been considering carrying a "captain's gig" on my truck. I've thought
> of a mountain bike , a "scooter" and/or a motorcycle. A recumbant bike might
> work. Have you any recommendations regarding brand etc?

Im not hard core, Ev. The recumbents are inherently spendy,
because they are low production. The bike-E looks like a good
performance/cost compromise, at less than $800 for the midline
model, which gives you a high-backed seat.

Bicycling gets ones heart involved better than just hiking.
A lot of us realize where we are in the history-of-technology
timeline: its becoming clearer all the time that if we can just
take good enough care of ourselves to last a few more years,
we will be still be living into the years of reeeaaaally bitchin life
extension technology. My apologies in advance to those
who believe all that stuff really is only 5 to 10 yrs off. Im
pretty sure it is longer than that, 20-30 for instance, before
we have the tech to theoretically extend life out to 150 yrs.

Question please: is there a term for the point in history where
life extension technology is increasing our life expectancy one
year for each year one lives, such that the mathematical
expectation of ones remaining life stops decreasing? That
point I suspect is 20-30 yrs away.

Wait, now I further realize that this point may have already
been achieved for those who are under 10 yrs now, and that
life extension techniques will likely be less effective for those
already aged. This has surely already been hashed out, I just
missed it somehow. spike

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