The title of the last post was accidental...

From: Skye (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 00:33:51 MST

It wasn't meant to be a reply to that particular
string... *winces* I just hit reply to make the
message sending quicker and forgot to wipe the subject
line at the last minute. *mutters and goes back to
playing with worlds*.
Oh, hey... Eleizer? If you're reading this...I've
been thinking about your posts on Neurohacking
recently... and about some articles I read on Autism,
not to mention autistic people I've spoken to. I was
thinking how interesting it would be to be able to get
the brain to automatically switch into an autism-like
mode for whatever particular subject you were focusing
on. What I mean is, a mode where one subject or
problem holds your attention strongly to the exclusion
of all other objects... just so long as you were able
to operate this "superattentiveness" like a switch, I
think it would be a fairly usefull trait to develop.
The only methods that occur immediately are things
like biofeedback and autohypnosis... perhaps teaching
yourself to lock off certain regions of the brain.
Now I know you're mostly interested in hardware level
neurohacking, so here's my idea, somewhat. One of the
articles stated that there seemed to be a portion of
an autistuc person's brain that was underdeveloped or
missing... I can't remember what specific section
right now, but my thoughts are: if it was possible to
create a site-specific timed neurodepressant, you
could get the same sort of increased focus you get
from, for example, caffeine, to a much higher degree
for a short time... by depressing the brain's
"interrupt factor". Or, you could play with
stimulating it, to keep yourself out of a rut...
*shrugs* it would be a fun thing to play with if you
had such a chemical.

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