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Date: Sat Feb 26 2000 - 18:41:03 MST

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A reply to my own post, a good sign of insanity.

In fact, the more I have been thinking about it recently, the more I feel
that technological progress, and the ideas embodied in transhumanism, will
allow myself, and everyone, to become even freer: to be their unique self,
and to express their unique self -- these are things that are limited in the
real world for various reasons (physical limitations, wealth, etc).

For instance, a lot of social problems are to do with bitter and frustrated
people, un met expectations, inability to express creativity, lack of
understanding by other people, manipulation by other people, crimes against
individual spirituality and sense of self, etc. The continually developments
in science and technology seem to allow people to overcome these problems in
various ways.

I tend to think, in fact, that technological progress will allow us to
become even more human than we already are, by allowing everyone to be
anything that they want to be, and to live in freedom (e.g. if other people
don't allow this to happen, then just create your own reality and upload
yourself into the new virtual world, and live as you desire ...).

The end(starting?) state is a world where reality is completely malleable;
people can join, create or live in worlds of their own desire.

Probably a real philosopher needs to tackle these questions :-).


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