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 Actually, Nathaniel Branden, in applying Ayn Rand's philosophical principles
 to the study of consciousness, made at least a really fine start in his
 original "The Psychology of Self Esteem." Arthur Koestler also did some
 really nice analysis of various aspects of the non-digital sides of
 consciousness in such works as his "The Act of Creation, in which he does
 define and validate a full explanation of humor, among other things.
 "Non-digital," by the way, does not mean "non-rational." It's just that
 consciousness is fundamentally different in structure from any computational
 device out there, including so-called neural nets, altho they are a step

Yes I have red both, but they aren't ( weren't in Koestler's case)
neruologists or cognitive scientists. What the heck WAS Koestler, anyway, a

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