spike gets a bicycle in his life....

From: Spike Jones (spike66@ibm.net)
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 21:38:11 MST

john grigg wrote:

> Congratulations on the new job! You must have a strong rep to have gotten a
> new one so fast. Enjoy your new bicycle.

Thanks John. Regarding the bicycle, its one of those recumbents
that one sees occasionally. Those work better for me; more
comfortable than the traditional kind. Also, there is less frontal
area, so that makes for less wind resistance.

I had a thought while riding the other day. Recumbents have never
caught on much, but if they had been invented first, I wouldnt
imagine the now-traditional knd would have caught on because
of the discomfort of the seat. There is evidence now that
those narrow seats can crush the penile artery, leading to
total and irreversible impotence. [eeeeeeek!]

Furthermore, the lean-forward style of traditional bikes
causes one to bend the neck up to see. And even more
than that, with traditional bikes if one is really cooking and
needs to turn, the pedal can hit the ground, with very bad
results, as my mother found out last year. {8-[ Her bike
even had coaster brakes only, so when she was hauling
ass down the driveway, the pedals were in such a position
she couldnt stop or turn, and so crashed and burned. Shes
OK now.

So, recumbents are safer, faster, and more comfortable.
Bicycle people, why dont you ride a recumbent? spike

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