Re: Intelligence, the only one real kind?

Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 13:56:07 MST

In a message dated 2/25/2000 11:30:23 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
<< They haven't worked for intelligence, these mental process comes NATCHERAL,
> like "feelings" -- so they can't claim it.
 Not at all.

> OK, and you are pissed because lately other people are saying that they
> value your hard earned logic MORE than other kind of mental activities,
> as musical abilities, creativity, physical grace, humor, sensory aesthetics
> -- all pure poppycock!!!

You just said the same thing I said, only making your own opinion valid, and
negating mine by name calling - calling my view "soft and liberal" thank you
for not finding me "hard and intolerant". (Word finds for 'liberals' the
following antonyms' these words: bigoted, intolerant, conservative) And
assigning "all liberals" the unreasonable goal of denigrating your
 (Mac vs. PC). When you say "denigrate" - you mean value other parts of
mental process equally to your idea of intelligence.
 Then there is hope for you yet. ;)
I've never liked Macs, but I know sure do know how to use 'em. Not rigid, me..
 I am bi=platform.
But there's no hope for me agreeing with your view Mike, not if hope means
believeing that the only itelligence available to us is the one you accept.
I stand by my idea that

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