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( To my pretty bold statement that software engineers describe intelligence
in terms of software capabilities.)

 This was likely true, but if you look at what is going on currently in
 the congitive sciences and reinforcement learning community, people
 are definitely getting interested in emotions as essential part of

Thank you. It seems so obvious to an artist that they are essential to
thought, for my job is to bring out of my intelligence, the emotive material
I require, onto an image, into the visual arena, where it can be processesd
by the cortex (eyes) into the brain in an entirely non-verbal way.

But is humor actually an emotion? Of the same type as sadness, for example?
Is it not, rather a sensibility?
Are sensibilities and emotions really the same thing?

Is there a correcation between happiness and homor?
Psychologically, humor is sported often JUST when people are enduring pain
and sadness, sort of as a survival technique.

If humor is an emotion, then are other sensibilities, such as talent, taste
and aptitude emotions too?

>From my rather lay-woman's point of view, the only emotion that science seems
to have researched exhaustively are anxiety and chronic sadness (depression)
, in order to cure it. Aern't the more " acceptable" ones, like happiness,
bliss, boredom, rejection, satisfaction, caring, enthusiasm, love,
trepidation, curiousity, hope, greed, pity, gratefulness, uncertainty, etc.
etc. etc. etc, are still really un-understood.

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