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Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 07:35:57 MST

"john grigg" <> writes:

> Anders wrote:
> Also, I consider human-AI symbiosis a likely path, so there might be
> entities around that contain mixtures of synthetic and human-derived
> motivations.
> (end)
> I just hope that human neurosis will not infect the A.I.'s!! HAL might seem
> quite "together" compared to what A.I.s could be like after having been
> linked to human minds for extended periods. And we only worry about
> programming them to have ethics! lol Extensive human/AI interfaces could be
> a way to save humanity, by letting the A.I.'s know humans really closeup in
> a way that could build trust or it could warp them.

As I see it, human-AI symbiosis would likely start out with more and
more extensive enhancements in our exoselves. Smart pagers, decision
support systems, augmented reality, information management
agents. Later we add more and more brain-computer interfaces, virtual
lobes to our brains and wideband interfaces to AI code. It might turn
out that we never really build any pure AIs, but rather rely on
integrating them with humans (however remotely). Gradually we get what
Eugene so poetically called a consciousness pearl, concentric layers
of hardware and software surrounding the old human core, vastly more
powerful and interconnected than it.

As this system develops, our values and worldviews will change by
necessity given the new input and cognitive enhancements. It is not
unreasonable that many fairly simple control systems can be built in
to fix neuroses (both using cognitive patching and by patching the
emotional system), and even healthy people with no conscious awareness
of any hidden demons will likely get them "just in case". So I doubt
neuroses are going to be the major mental problem - we will discover
new and exciting problems instead! Everything from cognitive denial of
service states to bandwidth stuttering.

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