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 Would you believe -- cognitive dissonance is the mother of invention?
 And how is dissonance resolved? Consider a hearty belch following an
 immense meal -- it is required as the method of choice for the expulsion
 of a painful accumulation of abdominal gas. Lacking this, one is transfixed
 in one's chair, and cannot proceed to the rec room for a nice game of
 How's that? >>

I understand that as one definition of *laughter*, yes. A burp or hiccup type
response to the neo cortex's expected rational thought paths being hijacked
by the less astute amagdala. Yes. But. Humor is entirely another and more
complex set of responses, and comes in many hues.

Cognitive dissonance, on the other hand, is a much broader term as well!

It has many ways of being felt besides laughter. Anxiety is one, for example,
that could "get you up out of your chair" should a problem occur. Can't we
just say anxiety is necessary for problem solving?

Even if one accepts the definition of a sense of humor as a simple matter of
cognitive dissonance expelling itself as gas (which I do not agree with, but
let's play with it) how does that reinforce your argument that it is a part
of problem solving?

Very literal and concrete as a child would be,
Queen MUSE

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