Re: Preacheroneous fiction.....

Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 20:07:32 MST

In a message dated 2/23/00 12:11:55 PM Central Standard Time,

> I react
> negatively even when the meme pushed is actually one I support. I
> guess this holds for many other people, and in turn suggests that
> some transhuman media strategies have to be changed.


I'm allergic to 'meme push' , .....or attempted infection. So much so that i
get bellegerent if I'm forced to be in the room with an operational tv for
very long....or a radio.(I have a <well used> remote for my truck radio....a
commercial comes on and I flip channels.)

Evangelistic attempts by god-botherers almost evoke violence.

Jennyveeve mo.

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