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Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 18:17:55 MST wrote:

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> << However calling any and every capability of the mind an
> 'intelligence' is PC doublespeak. >>
> What does a PC have to do with this? Programming intelligence has not even
> come close to the possiblities of a PC?
> You are confusing me

PC as in politically correct. Intelligence is merely one group of processes
that must be developed. The 'emotion','creativity','social ability', and other
abilities of the human mind are other processes. They are not intelligences,
they are abilities. We could go in the other direction and say that everything
the human mind does is an emotion. Logical thinking is an emotion, creative
thinking is an emotion, social ability is an emotion, etc. ad nauseum. The
reason the current social scientists are trying to call every human mental
ability an 'intelligence' is because real intelligence is the most respected
human ability, and they are trying to make every other ability be perceived as
being of equal value. Its pure politically correct poppycock.

Mike Lorrey

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