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> BERKELEY-- A metabolic switch that triggers algae to turn sunlight into
> large quantities of hydrogen gas, a valuable fuel, is the subject of a new
> discovery reported for the first time by University of California,
> scientists and their Colorado colleagues. The news appears in this month's
> issue of the journal "Plant Physiology."

EvMick-yes I read and enjoyed the article myself yesterday. One of the
frowners, though, was the expectation, that "perhaps in 20 years this will be
the fuel that powers civilization.." Look, you're a fellow of enough age to
have read a few Weekly Readers, and Popular Mechanics in your time. So you
know that when energy scientists speak of an energy technology being "20
years away" that they are blowing smoke and begging for more research grants!
 Please remember:" Z-pinch Fusion is 20 years away! Solar power is 20 Years
away! Muon Catalyzed Fusion is only 20 years away! Commercial
Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles are only 20 years away! Laser Fusion is only 20
years away! Solar Power Satalites are only 20 years away! I don't regret the
money spent on research-only I don't like being lied to, by these scientists.

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