Re: what it's like to be uploaded

Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 08:10:51 MST

> (hal)
> If we assume that the resulting being is incomprehensibly different
> from what you are today, then what is the point? Why not just kill
> yourself? What is it that you hope to preserve or gain by going through
> a transformation more thorough than death?


No no no!! Again:
*totally missing the point*. Not caring or wanting to know who you will be
and trusting AI's to make you that way seems dopey. This is not an answer,
it's a cop out. Only someone who is so young they feel immortal , or someone
who doesnt care much for life as it exists now. I asked for those who have a
vision &*do* expect to survive as themselves, what the experience will be
like, so, unlike E here, the architects of that reality (transhumanists
pushing the edge) may have some hand in it...

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