rehabilitation versus punishment in a future society....

From: john grigg (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 16:39:37 MST

Stirling Westrup made some enlightened comments about how even the most
cruel and sadistic individuals in the future will be seen as "sick" and not
evil and worthy of severe punishments as in our day. I do feel that some
people commit heinous crimes at least partially from mental illness and
"psychological demons" while others are essentially healthy and simply
choose the wrong choice.

In time they may become very mentally ill but they made the choice in a
healthy state of mind to go down that road. I think with advanced neuronano
we will be able to look into brains/minds and see what the case is for each
person to give them a fair punishment.

Should all criminals be seen as "ill" and be treated and not punished? I am
not that enlightened yet and may never be, especially for crimes like murder
and rape. Perhaps treatment and punishment can be fused together.


John Grigg

Stirling wrote:

By the same token, if we resurect Ted Bundy,we'll cure him of whatever
twisted impulse caused him to commit those crimes.Remember, before we can
achieve trancendance, psychology will have to become a hard science. (Your
can't improve what you can't understand.) The consequencesof this seem often
not to be sufficiently appreciated by members of this list.When most folks
hurt others, they are reacting to internal torments of their own. If you can
cure those torments, they'll get better.

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