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From: Stirling Westrup (
Date: Sun Feb 20 2000 - 16:51:51 MST

Oops. I accidentally sent my reply to James Swayze and not the list in general.

Here it is again, for all:

James Swayze wrote:

> What psychological torments could you devise for John Wayne Gecy or Ted Bundy?

I wouldn't torment them at all. If you could resurrect people who unknowingly
spread the black death and killed hundreds as a result, how would you punish
them? You wouldn't. You would just make sure that when you resurected them,
they weren't carriers anymore. By the same token, if we resurect Ted Bundy,
we'll cure him of whatever twisted impulse caused him to commit those crimes.
Remember, before we can achieve trancendance, psychology will have to become a
hard science. (Your can't improve what you can't understand.) The consequences
of this seem often not to be sufficiently appreciated by members of this list.
When most folks hurt others, they are reacting to internal torments of their
own. If you can cure those torments, they'll get better.

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